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Muddy Boots Progressive Lottery.

Discussion in 'Player Events' started by Slaymane, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. EternalSeahorse

    EternalSeahorse Active Member

    I WON THE JACKPOT!!! w00t!
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  2. Slaymane

    Slaymane Well-Known Member

    Gratz. I received your PM. Let me know when you are on so I can give you a check.
  3. Slaymane

    Slaymane Well-Known Member

    Please join me in extending our congratulations to EternalSeahorse.
    EternalSeahorse has won 500000 GP in the MUDDY BOOTS progressive lottery.
    The Progressive lottery continues. Next grand prize 750000 GP

    Please check the Events sub forums for MUDDY BOOTS up coming events.
    I am currently working on a forum specific contest.
    I am also looking to rent or buy space to conduct Sunday morning consignment auctions and
    I am working on an extended treasure hunt, that will hopefully take days or weeks to complete.

    MUDDY BOOTS thank you for your support.
  4. Slaymane

    Slaymane Well-Known Member

    PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT is 300k. Dropped Fortification sets and other goodies.
    Grand Prize 750k.
    Good Luck and Happy Holidays.
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