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NEW EPISODE POSTED: Jakaro Gets Ganked!

Discussion in 'Player Screenshots & Videos' started by Jakaro, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Jakaro

    Jakaro Well-Known Member

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  2. Yoko Kurama

    Yoko Kurama Well-Known Member

    OMG! It's Jakaro!
  3. thestand

    thestand Well-Known Member

    That's a great ending.
  4. Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade Well-Known Member

  5. PekatronIII

    PekatronIII Well-Known Member

    Great story. Ultima Online FOREVER ! [​IMG]

  6. kevin newland

    kevin newland Well-Known Member

    the IDOC one was the best. reminds me of an old troll named chumbucket from a past server. haha
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  7. Yoko Kurama

    Yoko Kurama Well-Known Member

    Will we see more Jakaro adventures, soon?
  8. Buck

    Buck Well-Known Member

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