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New Player House Raffle

Discussion in 'Player Events' started by Faytality, Jan 6, 2017.

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  1. Faytality

    Faytality Moderator Staff Member

    @tankian and I are giving away a fully stocked house to a new player.
    To be eligible your account must be newer than 30 days. Ends January 21st.

    To enter, give us your character name. At the end a name will be drawn at random.



    Stock in the house features-
    Horse Ethy Mount
    200 each mark and recalls
    dungeon and city runebooks
    3 of each type of potion keg
    1k each regs
    Misc armor and weapons
    House size is 12x12.
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  2. Ace Mason

    Ace Mason Active Member

    Very cool, thanks for helping out the newbies.

    Ace Mason is the character name.
  3. tankian

    tankian Well-Known Member

    i may add more items to the inventory later on
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  4. Edmund Wulfgarth

    Edmund Wulfgarth Active Member

    Edmund Wulfgarth

    /Flamboyantly signed
    Edmund Wulfgarth.
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  5. Belge

    Belge Well-Known Member

    Nice looking house! Looks like a nice spot as well!
  6. Protocide

    Protocide Member

    Very Nice, Hope I Win!

    Sir Brightblade
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  7. Lovely house! Fiddle Dee Dee my character name.

    CKTL MLTV New Member

    CKTLMLTV player name
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  9. Sir Murphy

    Sir Murphy Well-Known Member

    Sir Murphy. Thank you!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  10. Marku

    Marku New Member

    Nicholas Oley

    Good luck everyone!
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  11. Channel 34

    Channel 34 Well-Known Member

    Emirikol hath need of such a fine dwelling, For such a boon, I would be thankful. (I have a question about the age requirement, for now I am 24 days, by the conclusion On the 21st, however I would be older than 30 days. Does the age requirement count when we sign up, or when the count is taken at the end?
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  12. The Gronk

    The Gronk Well-Known Member

    Awesome of you guys to do this for the new players!!!
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  13. Faytality

    Faytality Moderator Staff Member

    We'll go by the age when we started the announcement.
  14. tankian

    tankian Well-Known Member

    even if you were a few days or so over we would give someone the opportunity to win the house
  15. Eythan

    Eythan Member

    How do I find the age of my account? Is it total account play time?
  16. Faytality

    Faytality Moderator Staff Member

    Click on the left scroll at your paper dolls feet.
  17. tankian

    tankian Well-Known Member

  18. tomalin

    tomalin New Member


    Really, it is very nice that you want to support young players, thanks a lot for that!

    I want to take part in this and my name is Tomalin.
  19. Cilren

    Cilren New Member

    My player name is Cilren

    Thanks for doing this and good luck to all!
  20. Faytality

    Faytality Moderator Staff Member

    Winner will be announced shortly.
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