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Player Vendor use and control in houses: Do not be scared

Discussion in 'Crafting & Trade Skills' started by ADabLDo, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. ADabLDo

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    Dec 31, 2017
    Using Player Vendors in Houses for Ultima Online Forever

    By: ADabLDo

    *You can not customize a house with any vendors standing. Do not set your contract lengths too long. If another character leaves the game, you will not be able to remove the vendor until the contract expires*

    There are two ways to use NPC vendors in Ultima Online. For one a character may place a vendor in a house which it owns directly. You may also gain permission to place a vendor in someone else’s house, for free or a fee. The house security must be set to public. Any character on the same account may access and control the vendor. The vendor ownership is the same as a house.

    *You will never lose your gold or inventory if your vendor falls*

    If you decide to remover the vendor, fail to pay your vendor fees, the landlord kicks you out, or either party forgets to click the renew contract expiration arrow all the inventory and the gold will go to the bank box of the character whose name is the renter.

    *To place a vendor in a house you own*

    To Place a vendor for yourself in a house you own go to the bank teller and purchase a contract of employment. The deed looks just like any other default colored paper deed in game. They cost right at 1200 gold pieces per deed.

    Stand directly on the square you wish to place the vendor in the house. Double click the vendor deed and, poof pops up your own vendor.

    *To place a vendor for a non-owner of a house*

    *A homeowner character must be present*

    Purchase a vendor rental contract deed from the NPC banker, it is red. It is about the same price as the other.

    With the deed in the backpack of the homeowner, double click and target the exact spot you wish to place the vendor. Deed will go directly to the spot.

    Double click the deed on the floor and a menu will pop up.

    If you wish to remove and place the deed on another spot you will need to remove it by saying “I wish to release this”, a target will come up and just unlock the deed. Now pick it up.

    By clicking the gold arrows on the contract, you may specify the contract length, the price you want to charge for the rental period, and if the contract will automatically renew.

    Most every time I will click to auto renew. Make sure both parties click to renew automatically.

    Once the options are decided at the bottom of the menu will be an “Offer contract to someone”. Click the arrow and target the character you wish to rent the vendor to.

    A menu will pop up to the renter and will have a description of the contract and an option to accept and one to deny the contract.

    Once vendor is placed the renter must single click the vendor and open the contract options menu. Once opened renter will need to click the gold arrow to renew the contract automatically.

    *Controlling your Vendor*

    *Single and Double Click Vendor for Options*

    Single click the vendor to open the paper doll to dress them, and to view the contract options held with the shop owner.

    Double Click the vendor to open the main options menu.

    From here you will be able to:

    See Goods


    Rename Shop

    Rename Vendor

    Open Paperdoll

    Collect Gold

    Dismiss Vendor

    Cancel (Exit)

    See Goods: To place items to sell on your vendor to sell click the “see goods” option and the vendors pouch will open up.

    Drag the item and drop it into the vendor pouch… a message will come up asking to price the item and ad a description.

    *Always price the item and then ensure there is one space between the price and description*

    The default price is 999 gold. Make sure you check your pricing.

    You may place containers in the vendor pouch without pricing to hold other items to sell. Simply place the empty container in the pouch and type a description. The container will not be sold. Then you place your sellable items in that ouch and price them normally.

    Customize: You may customize your vendor here. The only two options to customize are hair and gender. To face your vendor in a desired direction, stand in front of your vendor in the direction you wish it to face. Open the customize menu and without closing the menu step back one square, face your vendor and close the menu. The vendor will turn in the direction to face you.

    *Naming your vendor is critical for good sales*

    Rename Shop: The shop name is the name you see when you single click the vendor or run up on a vendor house. It is the name people will see first. Name your shop creative but also accordingly. You want people to see the name off screen.

    Rename Vendor: The vendor name appears when you single click the house sign on the vendor house. There will pop up a menu of the vendor names. Also, name those accordingly.

    (I do not open vendors with no name usually. I get tired of clicking on empty vendors.)

    Open Paperdoll: Open the paperdoll to dress your vendor. Your vendor will wear anything.

    Collect Gold: To get that gold you been working so hard for just click the “Collect Gold” and type in the amount you wish to withdraw. The gold will immediately go into your bank box in a check form.

    Dismiss Vendor: To end your vendor contract immediately remove all items from the pack and withdraw all gold. This will permanently remove your vendor. Only you can do this. For the house owner to terminate your contract and remove your vendor they must change the contract options to NOT renew when the contract length expires.

    Cancel: Enough said. Clicking cancel is the same as right clicking to close containers. No changes will be made to the vendor.

    Pricing your items is the tricky part. I will look at forums, http://discord.uoforever.com, and other people’s vendors to see prices. Some things seem like they are worth gold, but it is unfortunate many Uber items get overlooked. Resources and consumables sell regularly.

    My suggestion is to pay attention and remember what you scroll past on http://discord.uoforever.com, and what you look over on vendors.

    While price shopping other vendors I guarantee you will find something someone messed up the price on. I have scored millions that way in my years in the game and it always comes unexpectedly.

    I have always had a vendor house on Ultima Online. Started on Catskills in 2002 and scored a Luna house. History was made there.

    I came to Ultima Online Forever in November of 2017. God Bless Shane and Crew. You guys are amazing. Enough so, I decided to put in some work to help a game and lifestyle many of us love. Shane, Eppy, Jenna, Fay, Swayze, and Robert Whitehood. I know there has got to be more somewhere so thank you too.

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