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Please allow me to introduce myself...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ShimmerDoom, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. ShimmerDoom

    ShimmerDoom New Member

    Mar 23, 2020
    Good day to you fellow citizen-

    First, I hope you’ve all been blessed enough that this ick isn’t touching you or the ones you love. What an ugly thing we’re all going through right now. Godspeed to anyone in recovery or battling through this illness at home, here or abroad.

    Soooo...I wanted to take a moment to say hello and give you a bit about me.

    *Standing up and dusting my robe off...I swill back my mead staring off into the hearth fire crackling in the center of this inn*

    Long ago in a distant land, I, ShimmerDoom, a reputable blacksmith in my village, unleashed an unspeakable evil into our land. Being a curious person to a fault. I had been attempting to study an enchantment from a curious locked box I had found hidden under my family's old estates cellar floor. During this PRO-cess of working the magical locks, I inadvertently trigged a *click* which in turn immediately opened a moon-gate to a realm I hope none of us will ever wish to discover. The instant foul odor and torturous sounds that panned my senses told me this must have been a gate straight out of my worst nightmares. Still, in shock, I stood dazed only able to focus on listening to my surroundings. That and trying to keep my lunch down. Seriously, the stench was so overwhelming, I had thought these mornings fish tacos were going to end upchucked into a quickly widening moon-gate, offending anyone on the other side. I too can create a stench, when pressed.

    After what felt like a heartbeat had passed and not knowing what to do or even if I should bother to maybe throw an old boot into the gate to try and "stir" things up, a low grating noise began to spit forth from its mouth. The eerie sound was distant I thought, or was it? My mind said it was far away but a second later it sounded like it was right next to me. Alas, more noise, it was here. I'm not crazy! This is when I began to finally realize that SOMETHING WAS COMING!!! SOMETHING WAS COMING THROUGH THE GATE!!!!

    In my terror, I immediately pinched my eyes closed. Any rational person would do the same, right? I'm certain even you had done this same thing a time or two growing up. You know, they say the mind plays tricks on us. The younger more so. Was that old coat rack in the corner the Vampire I knew existed somewhere on our estate? On those occasions, I would quickly rush under my blankets making certain not an ounce of skin was showing to collect any bites, I knew would certainly follow.

    More noises!! It was overwhelming and they were ringing like church bells throughout my head, driving my anxiety to all-new levels.

    Then, a moment later, still frozen in the same spot, things...just stopped. I listened harder, pushing my hearing to its limits. Did it stop? Was I just imagining things this whole time and all I needed to do was open my front door and let forth some moonlight to cull my terrors? It was then that I decided to chance a quick look. Just a quick peek. No harm, no foul, right? Just open and closed. I settled in for my shot.

    Oh my, how I wish I hadn't done that.

    Truly, my eyes had to be playing tricks on me because what they painted on my brain caused me to nearly soil my breeches. There, standing not twelve feet from me was what I can only describe as a horror of darkness. The thing was clothed in long black, ancient robes and wore a sinister hooded cowl. Recessed into the hood was a pure white mask of painted death with living flames where its eyes should be. The creature had fangs and the bottom of its jaw was completely gone giving it a much more morbid appearance. My breath caught. I can't begin to describe the amount of terror I was feeling. What I thought was fear before had ratcheted up at least 10x just gazing on the monster. An aura emanated from the creature causing my mind to convulse and not function. A piece of me felt like it was feeding on my condition. For its nourishment, it dined on my fear.

    Growing up, we had heard old wives tales of Necromancers and the dead coming back to haunt us. Most stories were just that, stories. I loved these stories to spike the imagination of a far too creative and whimsical child looking for a good scare. That was me.

    In my frozen state, I noticed the following. This Lord of Death was dragging behind itself a long chain that was half in and half out of the magical gate. Then, It tugged hard on the chain three times causing whatever was on the other end to release howls and screams of pain.

    "Oh please don't place me on your chain, sir." I began thinking to myself. "It appears to be quite cold and hurtful there on its end." I'm much better left in a grave somewhere...alone..by myself. Honest."

    As if reading my thoughts, It began to laugh. Seriously, could it really read my thoughts?


    From the portal, it dragged forth 10 creatures of unknown origin. They appeared to be a cross between a Gargoyle and what looked like wolves, standing up and walking like normal humanoids. These creatures looked around my smithy slowly, apparently not very interested in what their master controlled under its gaze.

    Then......Ole Fire Eyes, spoke!

    "Shimmer. Thank you!!" it growled in its gravel voice. *more evil laughing*

    It cleared its throat, apparently working up to one heck of a speech. I waited. Then...it said...

    "Finally, THE ROCK..."........ahem... excuse me, Shimmer.

    "Finally, I'm FREEE!!" It screamed. The echos nearly breaking my eardrums in the process.

    It continued.

    "Shimmer, I will not forget you. I will come for you when you least expect. I will give to you a kingdom for your reward. You will command and lead my legions. You will conquer and destroy anything that stands against me. Do not follow me. Do not seek aid. Do not whisper my existence to anyone. It is too late for your world now Shimmer.. and it's much...much too late for you."

    Then, it released the beasts onto me.

    You know, pain is a funny thing. There are levels for each of us. I'm sure they differ in intensity depending on our own thresholds. If you have never been eaten alive, might I suggest you avoid this level of pain at all costs? If you have the choice, ask to skip right to the end. The end isn't so bad. Much better than seeing your femur gnawed upon by a pack of unknown creatures. While we're at this, might I also suggest you not go poking around any old estates digging into areas that should have remained closed off to you, your family and the world itself. There are reasons things stay hidden for so long. This was no treasure and my new existence is still being written.

    Ok seriously... I'm Shim and I’ve been gaming in MMOs for a very long time when my work and my fam allow for it.

    I’ve been so impressed with the player community here and the staff supporting us all. Folks have been very helpful and forthright with information. Even the http://discord.uoforever.com server is lively.

    Community is what raises my gaming experience and it just feels like that's here in spades.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone.

    My best to you all.

    Stay healthy, friends-
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