[Scheduled] Patch Notes: Minor Bug Fixes


Staff member
Hello everyone!

I'm back from my slightly forced vacation. In the form of moving, and my ISP messing up the install date and making me wait an additional 2 weeks to get internet installed. All I can say is it good to be back.

Here are some immediate fixes in the meantime will I prep some bigger patches.

- Instancing fix, some addons were unable to be placed on your house, this bug has been fixed.
- Instancing fix, ejecting a rune from a runebook will no longer clear the instance.
- Renaming changes, you will no longer be able to put any characters other then a-Z or spaces in character names.
- Renaming changes, you will no longer be able to rename to anything longer than 30 characters.
- Leprechaun gold will now be deleted after 65 seconds, even if there weren't any spawn locations for the leprechauns to come out of.
- Mana check has been restored before allowing casting spells when gamemode option CastPreCheckReal is set to false. This will allow us to change the option back so you can fake casting spells when you don't have the reagents to cast a spell.
- Spell logic now checks region's parent if it is within a town to prevent the spell. This will fix being able to cast spells with the "PreventInTown" option turned on within the Britain safe trading zone.