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WTS Selling Rules- READ

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Skye Wolfbane, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    Jan 22, 2013
    Skye Wolfbane, Lynnissia Leoden, Hunter Lorde, Calico Jack, Jade Nevaeh
    While the forum rules apply to all forums, at times, there's a section that needs to have the rules made a bit more clear.
    The selling threads are for people to sell stuff.
    They are not for flaming. They are not for guild wars. They are not a place to get digs in to someone they don't like by derailing their threads. They are not a place for others to judge what something is worth.
    If someone wants to try to sell a might silver pick axe for $3 million they are welcome to try.

    Caveat emptor

    Some things will get past us moderators. We can't catch every post. Simply report someone if you feel they are derailing or trolling a selling/buying thread and a moderator will attend to it if they feel it's a violation of the following rules:

    Do NOT post in someone's selling thread unless you are bidding on the item or asking legitimate questions about the item.
    Do NOT say if you think it is or isn't worth the S/B.
    Do NOT post you're own item to sell inside someone else's thread.
    Do NOT give your opinion of the item - "it's ugly" - unless it's positive.
    Do NOT bid on your own item just to bump up the post.
    Do NOT scam your fellow UOF players. This could lead to a lot worse penalties than a forum warning or blocking.
    One bump per 24-hour period per thread.

    Pretty simple.
    Want to sell something? Post it, use a pic if you have one. Honor your sales. Want to buy something? Post a bid or PM the seller. When you sell it, post the final price and announce it's been sold. This helps keep down unnecessary posts and questions as to whether to bids were honored.

    Moderation of these the forums have been, and will continue to get more strict. Any questions or concerns,
    contact forum moderators or any staff member.

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