WTS Selling The Cannibal Title Only 49K


Selling The Cannibal Title From Conquest only 49K
If you dont know you get this title from a Secret Conquest.
On my vendor you will find 10 Flesh from A Mad Elf.
They Are in the Easter Basket in the middle of The vendors Bag .
After you eat them you will be granted the Title The Cannibal.
Please keep in mind that it auto adds it to your title list you
do no get a scroll so please eat the food on the Toon you want the title on.
My Vendor is at The Valley Of The Doll's Aka The Doll Factory .
We are located a quarter of a mile east from the Jhelom bull pens.
Daily Gates from Wbb
It is the House on the Left my vendor is on the 3rd floor and
She says Full Tmaps Runebooks.
UOAM Cords are 169 32's 10 41'w

Free Bonus you can get the Title The Grateful by saying THANK YOU in game 100 times.
it will also auto load the Title.

Type [Titles in game to access you new titles.
The Cannibal will be under Epic
The Grateful will be under Rare


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