Some Ideas


While I enjoy the game I fined the player Vs player not to my taste so there are areas where I hang out and farm. I feel this part of the game is neglected and would like to see some changes made, not to the rules but to make other areas on the map better for players like myself.

For instance I think Ocllo is a great place to be, I can fight Titans and Cyclops on one side and a lot of Ettins and Ogres on the other. I’m not attacked there too often, but when I am I can make it back usually without too much trouble.

I would like to see more places become like Ocllo. Below I’ll give areas where I think could use improvement to make the game more enjoyable for those of us that don’t do well in dungeons. I think this also give players like me who aren’t as good as others a chance to experience more dangerous mobs so we can better gain player skills so that we will have more confidence in dungeons.

1 Moonglow: I would have spawning areas for Air, Water, Earth and Fire Elementals (maybe a chance of an Ore Elemental spawning). It’s a big island with a lot of spanwing areas to make use of.

2 New Magincia: I would have Revenant Lions spawn by the moongate

3 Nujel’m: Ogre Lords and Elder Gazers would spawn on the side of the island with the homes by the moongate.

4 Covetous level 1: Covetous is not used too often and level 1 more so. I believe bad monster selection is too blame, originally they had Corpsers there and then removed. Where they had Corpser areas (2 I believe) please put in Elder Gazer’s in both areas.

This last item is about surviving a PK attack. In this game there are no real downsides to attacking another player, and that is fine. I would like to see a system in place that rewards you for surviving an attack. Any time you are attacked and survive it should count and when you hit 10, you should get 1,000 gold, and another prize at the next level the same as if you were hunting undead, elementals or ratmen.

Thanks, Zigra


i agree. some more areas with monster pools worth farming but not overwhelming to those that solo farm would be nice.

not sure how the PK attack system would work, but i personally would be open to something like this