SUPER GUIDE to EVERYTHING - res'd that for you

I ate and switched to mana vamp and now it's going up. I set a macro to mana vamp and meditate that I don't have to wait for mana


I like to do an Meditate + pause 10 seconds IF mana is below 80. This way you only meditate and wait 10 secs. to raise your mana if your mana is low.
What about remove trap. How do I gm that and for lockpickicng I don't have room for another character so where can I get lockable chest from or whatever


What concerns stealing, lower stones give more skill gains. At 85 skill i got more skill gains with 6 stones than with 7 or 8.
80 – 100 you can tame many different things but most of them will bite you. Most people will GM buy bulls in deluccia, some gm off white wolves, and others say hellhounds and lava lizards. Whatever works best for you, and where you can stay alive is what you need to be using.
We do not have Deluccia here. Peace making is recommended while doing taming so those things that bite dont bite!


Provocation is incorrect. I did 120 (legendary) provocation from the bard table while not moving a muscle. The bard table has the skeletons for low levels, zombies and then rotten corpses to GM+. Just prepare to die a lot from child PKers.
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