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Talisman Relics and Mechanics

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Spatule, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Spatule

    Spatule Neophyte

    Feb 23, 2014
    Talisman Relic Suggestions

    I wasn’t sure about %proc so, for clarification: Proc is a term that refers to a weapon, item or ability activating with the "Chance on Hit" or "Chance on Use" effect (an ability or a spell).


    Lesser relic: in order to make relics more available while preserving the rarity, I suggest having different tiers of relic. For example, say a new relic called “Merlin relic” offers 3% spell damage increase per level. At level 10, it would give 30% spell damage increase. My suggestion is to have a “minor” or “lesser” Merlin relic that yields a 2% or even a 1% spell damage increase per level, max lvl reaching 20% or 10%.

    Active abilities: “active” as opposed to only “passive” abilities. Just like stun punch, having an activated ability would be extremely cool. That opens the possibility to variety of skills, effects, auras, modifiers, etc. I understand the programming limitation but hey, let’s keep brainstorming…

    Triggers: have abilities that rely on contextual or situational conditions.

    · Hidden character gets within x tiles => Auto reveal

    · Character Low HP => temporary health regen boost/armor boost/temp. invulnerability

    · Character Low Mana => temporary mana regen boost

    · Character hit by a spell => chance to absorb/block/reflect spell

    · Character physically hit => chance to absorb/block/reflect spell

    · Boss/champ presence => *

    · Character surrounded by x monsters => Battlecry/blood lust/Buff or aura of any kind…

    Movement: Not sure what is possible here, but what about movement speed modifiers. What about flying?

    Weapon specific: Similar to special moves, have abilities that favor a certain weapon type. Piercing shot for archery, hitting all enemies on a specific line. Amputation for swordmanship, inflicting dmg and debuffing the victim, etc

    Channeling: Abilities requiring the character to be “stunned” and vulnerable in order to successfully activate an ability.



    · Beserker blood: damage modifier inversely proportional to HP%. (modifiers scale with lvl)

    · Rage: upon activation (low HP, struck, hit chance), character receives massive STR/DEX modifiers and/or leech bonus. (modifiers scale with lvl)

    · Mortal strike: Upon hit, %chance to inflict critical bonus dmg. (dmg or %proc scales with lvl)

    · Essence shift: Character gains stackable charges upon successful hit on victim, charges decay rapidly. Charges provide STR/DEX bonus. (Max # of charge and bonus scale with lvl)


    · Whirlwind attack: %to proc when hit => deals dmg to all enemy standing within 1 tile. (dmg or % proc scales with lvl)

    · Armor temp. bonus upon being hit, stackable charge based on relic lvl.

    For example, 20% chance to proc per hit, +4 AC/charge, max 5 charge at lvl10.

    · Borrowed time: upon activation, all damage dealt will heal instead of harming character, for brief duration. (duration scales with lvl)

    · Reincarnation: at 0 HP, character is stun and hidden for 5 seconds, healed 30% HP and revealed. (% healed and ability timer scaled with lvl)


    · Tether: Some combination of tying two characters together temporarily in order to transfer or gain power.

    · Focus range: increase spell range (not sure about this one, sounds overpowered)

    · Refraction: upon activation, character receive “x” charges, the next hit dmg is reduced to “y”, consuming 1 charge per hit. (# of charges scale with lvl)

    · Silence: upon activation (active or %proc on attack), victim cannot cast spells for x duration. (duration and %proc scales with lvl)

    · Static field: Ennemies close to the character get damaged everytime he casts specific spells.

    · Critical spellcasting: %proc on spell attack to inflict critical dmg

    Meta Pets: TBA

    General notes and thoughts: Resilience tanks should be able to do just that: tank, so I suggest beefing them up a little, maybe specifically against Boss/champ spellcasting. Bezerkers should die, often. I sure enjoy the risk VS reward but the 15 min Talisman delay for dying isn’t appreciated and messes things up in that regard.

    Disclaimer: Some suggestions here are greatly inspired from other games, mainly Dota. I have kept some of the original names for clarification and straight up honesty. Most of these would have to be reworked and names changed.
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  2. parsnip

    parsnip Grandmaster

    Jul 11, 2013
    Some nice ideas in there @Spatule :cool: I've been tempted to write up a suggestion post for talis too. I may be referencing back to this! ;)
  3. Spatule

    Spatule Neophyte

    Feb 23, 2014
    Yeah well, I’m happy I can get all this gaming knowledge to good use!
  4. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 6, 2014
    Admin Post
    Thanks for this! Great information, i've saved this for when we start new relics soon.

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