The Hemlock Company IPO (THIS IS A UOF EVENT)

We are pleased to announce our first open window to purchase shares in the first openly traded UOF business - The Hemlock Company.

The sale window will open on Thursday at 10am EST September 6th and close on Saturday at 10am EST September 8th.

Fair market price to begin the bidding will be released as a follow up to this thread this evening. Terms and details on how to trade shares are available in The Hemlock Company Discord. Inquires and followers should contact The Hemlock Company#7889 on Discord.

Due to some confusion about the nature of our business, service has been temporarily interrupted in UOF General Discord. This is an in game UOF only event and operation. This is not an irl IPO, simply role playing and unique player run services.

Details on initial share pricing and quantity available to follow.
The following are the official Company Balance Sheet totals for The Hemlock Company’s open sale window of uncirculated shares.

Total number of shares: 1,600
Total shares circulated: 1225
Total shares uncirculated: 375

Total Company Balance Sheet: 2,400,000
Total Fair Market Share Price: 1,500gp

Sale window opens tomorrow 10am and closes Saturday 10am [EST]

This sale window offers a total of 50 uncirculated shares. Please friend The Hemlock Company#7889 for a Dis.cord invite to participate in bidding and to learn all the details (currently unable to access Discord)


Can you share details on how profit will be distributed to shareholders and what the process is to sell? Also, what input do shareholders have within the overall business?
Halygon asked three great questions I would like to respond to.
I will summarize the answers, as all the details are available in word docs in The Hemlock Company’s Dis.cord which I can provide an invite to if you friend me @ The Hemlock Company#7889.

There are two types of shareholders,
Vested Members (guild members of The Hemlock Company) these are shareholders who are also actively working to drive revenue. These members are entitled to vote on authorized actions that can impact share value or activity.
Non Vested shareholders are owners of shares, but are not members of the guild. Non Vested members do not contribute to our balance sheet, put in work, they simply own shares and reap the benefit of them as they mature or have dividend paid out. Non Vested members are not entitled to vote on things like share splits, dividend, new creation of shares, or forced buy outs. They are entitled to all the rewards and payments that ownership brings. Think, silent or passive. partners.

Value is created for share holders through three potential avenues.
1. Growing share price from Company revenue.
2. Dividend payments
3. Sale of stock. Stock is sold in an auction format, so you get the benefit of natural share growth, plus whatever added price the market is willing to pay based on outbidding.

The sale of stock has some nuances that are best explained by reading the available docs in discord but you basically may sell at any time you like, and you will never be stuck holding shares you no longer want. A typical sale is put on auction on the open market for no less than 72hrs and the highest bidder will be awarded the shares.

Contact me on dis.cord to join our Investors Relations channel, and receive access to all Company documents and policy. You can also monitor the market and get an idea for how people are trading.

Thanks for the great questions, keep them coming!
Thank you for everyone who participated in the early launch.

We sold all available shares for the first round and as a result, the share price is soaring!

We will be opening up a new round of shares for Monday, and are opening up the doors to invite everyone in who wants to follow.

This will be the last update in this thread, be on the look out later this week for a running thread that documents our adventures and progress.

Still having major issues getting in touch with anyone to chat about allowing us back into discord but hopeful eventually someone will contact me.

@The Hemlock Company#7889