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This House Is In Danger Of Collapsing

Discussion in 'Player Events' started by thriftyuoplayer, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Apocal

    Apocal Well-Known Member

    This is dependent upon the state. California, for instance, doesn't say.

    Just putting it out there, as a guy has to eat:

    If you feel that the reason that they fired you was not sufficient enough, aka you really did just ask the woman out, I would go to a legal site and learn how to write them a letter indicating that you are going to sue them. Sometimes they settle quickly for a decent enough amount of money to get you back on your feet. They don't want to go through the legal battle. Even in an at will state.

    Also: Read this. http://www.hcareers.com/us/resourcecenter/tabid/306/articleid/662/default.aspx

    And ask your prior HR department what their policy is on communicating termination (do they communicate it at all) as well as termination reasons.
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  2. Ripstas

    Ripstas Well-Known Member

    Yea. In Washington they can't say why you were fired. The only thing they can say is "we would not re hire them. Or. "We would re hire them". For this reason no one calls past employers.
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  3. Ripstas

    Ripstas Well-Known Member

    Also. Fellow Washingtonian here.
  4. thriftyuoplayer

    thriftyuoplayer Well-Known Member

    Couple of hours until I drop my house. I will have a gater at west Britain bank.
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  5. Cack

    Cack Well-Known Member

    Good luck with the event. Hope it goes well.
  6. thriftyuoplayer

    thriftyuoplayer Well-Known Member

    Now gating at britain bank
  7. thriftyuoplayer

    thriftyuoplayer Well-Known Member

    well now everyone knows I lied about the loot..
    Sorry to those who died trusting me.. was just having fun before i go homeless..

    I still dropped the house, how much funnier would it have been if I didn't drop it :D.
  8. Freddy Von

    Freddy Von Well-Known Member

    6 / 10 troll well thought out executed nicely but wasn't the turn out I think you were hoping for.
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  9. Cack

    Cack Well-Known Member

    What did you do?
  10. Silly Santa

    Silly Santa Well-Known Member

    So this whole thread is a joke or?????
  11. thriftyuoplayer

    thriftyuoplayer Well-Known Member

    I got a job... Still homeless...

    It wasn't a joke, I dropped a nice size house plot.. and it had "loot", I just exaggerated exactly how much there was..
  12. Silly Santa

    Silly Santa Well-Known Member

    My bad bro , looking back on my last post from 2 weeks ago. To be honest - idk what i even based that assumption on with having thought it was a joke. I might have jumped to that conclusion with viewing Freddy Von's post above in a particular way. Sorryyy tho.

    Anyways - im happy to hear that you got a new job.. I hope sometime soon it helps you to find a place to live. By the way - if you ever decide to play UOF again - hit me up. I will help you get restarted with a new house + regs, etccc :)
  13. Cack

    Cack Well-Known Member

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  14. techn9ne

    techn9ne Active Member

    LOL why the fuck are you telling internet strangers this bro call your mother
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  15. Cack

    Cack Well-Known Member

    What if we are his mother?
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  16. FrogX

    FrogX Well-Known Member

    Don't date co-workers if you value your job in the least!
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  17. Popstarpirate

    Popstarpirate Well-Known Member

    I don't know you and I didn't exist in UO while this dropped, but wishing you all the positive energy possible from NC!
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  18. Cack

    Cack Well-Known Member

    Or best way to get fired/quit
  19. CarpeNoctem

    CarpeNoctem Member

    This is correct in the State of Washington. As long as you didn't burn the place down and it is public record, in this state you have a right to earn a living and the previous employer saying anything but confirming you worked there - that is detrimental to you earning a wage. Illegal.

    Sources: L&I Law affiliation work in Seattle, WA.
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  20. Faber55

    Faber55 Well-Known Member

    What do u do and what part of Washington my company is hiring
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