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Treasures in dungeons

Discussion in 'New Player Questions' started by Jairash, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Jairash

    Jairash Well-Known Member

    I found some kind of locked chest i can't lockpick...
    i get a message like "this can't be unlocked by normal mean"

    How do i open such chests?
  2. mynameis

    mynameis Well-Known Member

    If I were to guess only the person finding it w a treasure map can open it. Or when a map is in play for that chest. Just a guess.
  3. Xigam

    Xigam Well-Known Member

    Those chests are bugged. They are meant to be opened by maguc unlock spell cast by someone with 120 magery. Since you cannot get 120 magery on this shard they cannot be opened. Lockpickers have asked to get those converted to level 5 chests or maybe the harder but its not high on the priority list if it's even on the list.

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  4. Panik Homerché

    Panik Homerché Well-Known Member

    There are also some other "special" chests in Khaldun (not sure if they spawn elsewhere), which read "a locked treasure chest" when clicked.

    They can be opened via a "Mastermind" mini-game...


    ...only mistakes are deadlier than with the classic board game. ;)
  5. limlight

    limlight Well-Known Member

    And they drop amazing loot

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