Ultima Online Forever Most Beautiful Homes


The Ultima Online Forever Most Beautiful Homes

After playing here at UO Forever for about 9 years I have seen a lot and especially as a hardcore IDOCer I have been traveling the world of Sosaria like a lunatic. As a wannabe architect and design lover I decided to share the Most Beautiful Homes of this shard.

You might seen some of them already, or are even the owner of them, but they deserve a bit more than just the house design competitions.

Hopping after all these updates to come out form the Staff hope that will updated the house custom tools or the Decorating tool I know I like to custom tools
that Fay got love to build a house with it

Homes have been categorized into three sections:

1) Large ones

Privet Island House

Cave House

- 30x30

- 18x18 next to each other.

- Single 18x18.

- Smaller, but several houses next to each other.

2) Smaller ones

3) Classic ones

- Sometimes you might find clever ideas from just decorating.

best designed homes only on UOF i am not look for the best of someone opinion or list

all the screenshots. of all level are welcome with the cellars including all is Fay custom Houses
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