Bounty System

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An example of a bounty offering.


The bounty system allows for players to negotiate prices on the heads of criminals. When a criminal player is killed, they will be facing temporary stat loss before their head is turned into the guards. This can be avoided by paying the requested bounty to the person who is turning in your head.


  • Double-click the head of the criminal to bring up the negotiation gump.
  • Enter the amount and a message and press okay.
  • The criminal will be notified (A pop up gump will appear on their screen)
  • The criminal can negotiate a lower price and enter a message.
  • If there is no negotiation, the head can be turned into the guards.
  • If the head is turned in, the criminal will take a 40% stat/skill loss based on their counts.


  • To see how many kills a criminal has, you can check your local Bounty Board.
  • You can view your total murder counts by saying "I must consider my sins"
  • Each murder a criminal has equals 30 minutes of stat/skill loss.
  • One murder for a criminal will decay every 24 Hours.
  • If you are Player Killed you will have an option to give a murder count.
  • Severed heads will rot (turn green) after 10 hours, making them useless to turn in.
  • Stat/Skill loss percentage is 40%.
  • There is a maximum stat loss of 48 hours.
  • Stat loss is only implemented on a player when their severed head is dropped onto one of the bounty collectors.