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  • The entrance is located on the roof of Yew prison. You can teleport up to the entrance using the grey sparkling teleporter at the north west corner of the prison. This is however quite a trek from Yew. You may be best off visiting your local rune library for a rune to the entrance!
  • Creatures are closely bunched together - enter and explore with care. This is not a dungeon for newcomers!

Level 1


  • Reaper, fire elemental, scorching gargoyle, flaming gargoyle, arcane daemon, stone harpy, stone gargoyle, quagmire, hell hound, gargoyle enforcer, moloch, doppleganger, gargoyle destroyer, shadow wisp, tentacle of exodus, shadow gazer, balron, skeletal mage, dragon, dark skeletal knight, lava serpent, fire steed

Level 2


  • Exodus overseer, exodus minion, blood daemon, exodus minion lord, golem, moloch, flesh golem, balron, rai-ju, enslaved gargole, wisp, lich, ancient lich, titan, quagmire, shadow fiend, ancient shadow wyrm, crystal vortex, crystal elemental, shadow fiend