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There are a series of server commands that players can run from any client in order to execute menus, gumps and actions. You can view a full list of these commands in game with the [help command.


Some commands can be bound to a "Say" hotkey, allowing you to avoid complicated macros, such as the "[pouch" command.


Command Description
[uof Main UOForever menu. Contains many useful features, such as the ability to toggle the UOF Action Camera and your fame title. Here you will also find account information such as Total Account Play Time.
[help Lists all available server commands
-ping Does an in-game ping, this will almost always be higher than a command line ping
[pouch Searches your pack server-side for trapped pouches and sets one off if found
[gettype Use this on potions to get their names for use with the [drink command
[gethue Use this to identify the hue of a particular item
[drink 'PotionName' This finds and uses the requested potion type in the player's pack. Use the [gettype command to get the name of the potion.
  • [drink GreaterHealPotion
  • [drink GreaterExplosionPotion
[invasions Displays the invasion gump. It displays current and past town invasions along with player scores and other statistics.
[conquests Displays the conquests gump for your account with completed conquests and those that are still available.
[eventscore Displays the current event score for your account. You may also redeem event points here. Note: This is no longer active used.
[battles Displays a gump showing all ongoing pvp events.
[templates Displays the templates menu for creating skill/character templates for use in pvp events.
[rewards Displays a list of rewards which can be purchased using crystal fragments obtained from invasion events.
[zombierewards Displays the score for your player, for the zombie event. You may also redeem zombie event points here.
[c Broadcasts a message to Companions.
[e Emote with sounds, words and animations.
[f Broadcasts a message to your faction members.
[guild Opens the guild menu gump.
[MOTD Displays the message of the day set by staff.
[organizeme Organize the items in your backpack into pouches by their type.
[time Displays the servers current time.
[password Allows you to change your current password.

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