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What is a template?

In Ultima Online, you can be anything you want to be, there are dozens of different Skills to choose from and you can combine any 7 of them to create the ideal character for you. Some Skills work in conjunction with each other to give passive bonuses or are prerequisites for another. This is why we create "Templates". A Template is the combination of the 7 skills you have chosen for your character to generalize it.

Skills can be gained up to 100 each, totaling at 700 skill points with the exclusion of Power Scrolls. For example, a bard will require both the Musicianship skill as well as a secondary bard skill in order for it to succeed. Provocation will not work without Musicianship. Another example would be a Thief. Thieves usually have Hiding and Stealth. Thieves are unable to train Stealth without obtaining some Hiding skill first.

Aside from skills, another part of your template are your Stats. Warrior types that swing weapons and wear heavy armor often have very high Dexterity, while casters or mages often sacrifice their Dexterity and get Intelligence instead. Typically all players have between 85-100 Strength when they are done with their characters.

Example of a Template

PvP Stun / Inscription Mage

Magery (Used to cast spells on my targets and allies)
Meditation (Used to passively and actively gain Mana to cast more spells)
Evaluate Intelligence (Used as a Damage booster for Magery)
Resisting Spells (Reduces incoming spell damage from my Enemies)
Wrestling (Allows me to stun my opponents coupled with anatomy and punch them to interrupt their spells)
Anatomy (Coupled with Evaluating Intelligence, this grants me the passive Defensive Wrestling ability, decreasing overall melee hit chance)
Inscription (Increases my defensive spells, such as magic reflection, protection and reactive armor)

Strength: 95 (Provides 95 health, typically I'd choose 100, but I sacrificed 5 for my Dexterity)
Intelligence: 95 (Provides 95 mana, typically i'd choose 100, but I sacrificed 5 for my Dexterity)
Dexterity: 35 (Provides me with 35 stamina, granting me the capability to stun a target and still have stamina left over. Usually this would be 25 on a basic mage)


To actually choose a template, you can set your skills up and down in the interface.
Open your paperdoll and click on Skills.
On the left of every skill, there is an arrow.
Point the arrows down for skills that are not part of your 7 skill template.
Point the 7 skills from your template up.
The same can be done with your Stats, by double clicking your health bar.