Arch Demon Attacks and strategies.


The Arch Demon is a boss that needs to be killed to complete the Meta dexer talisman. if you are on the proper stage of the quest you will receive the arch demon blood when it dies. It also drops the Meta Dexer relics, a single PS, and 50kish gold.

this boss has relatively week physical attacks against players, but i hear he has strong attacks against pets.

he has four special attacks that he announces, i cant remember the wording exactly so if anyone has the exact wording let me know.

Begins summoning Wards

this will summon a group of elemental wards that will attack players at intervals, these wards operate on LOS and will target the persons who was closest to them for the longest amount of time.

the 4 wards are:
Fire ward, deals initial 10 damage and 2 damage ticks every second for 30ish seconds.
ice ward, deals initial 10 damage and freezes the player randomly for 30ish seconds.
Lightning ward, deals 20 damage.
Poison ward (watch out for this one) the poison ward Poisons a char with lethal poison and will reapply for 30 seconds, however every time a player cures the damage done is decreased by one poison level.​
*Strategies for these will be covered in the overall boss strategy.

begins gathering fire in his hands
This is the demon fire attack, it creates a slow moving fire that follows a player, and kills them instantly if it hits them
*this attack works on LOS, Break LOS by running to the other side of the room, or into one of the small rooms and it will stop. also it only seems to be sent after targets more than one tile away from the boss.

Begins spewing Blood from his mouth
this will fire an AOE attack at a player, it will create a semi circle around the arch demon hitting the full semi circle and one tile inside and out, it is posible to be hit 3 times by this attack. each hit deals 30 damage.
*this attack can be avoided by moving in and out of range of the boss, its not 100%, but limits the chance of getting hit. also this attack only hits players more than 1 tile away.

Begins summoning an ominous looking object
this is a slow moving AOE attack that hits a small circle all around the Boss, it deals massive damage usually killing anyone it hits.
*this attack is easy to avoid simply stand more than 8 or 9 tiles away and you will be fine.

Boss Strategies, there are 2 but i find it best to use both.

Strategy one: Kiting

this strategy is simple, keep the boss on one side of the room till he puts up wards, then pull him to the other side where you can avoid the wards. nothing to difficult about it.

Strategy two: The small room.

this strategy works well for melee dexers who have issues kiting. lure the boss into the small room to the right of the ankh room, once in here the boss will only place 1 ward that can hit you, so long as its not poison you can keep him in the room and kill him.

I prefer to do a combination of the 2, keep him in the room till he places a poison ward then kite him to the other end until he summons wards again then take him back to the room.

I hope this information helps people know how to fight the arch demon making it easier for all of us.


Wards cast spells every 30 seconds on the dot and the timer is reset when he respawns the wards. Hide behind a wall or go way out of range for LOS. I tend to dodge these in and out just so i get poisoned and never die.


Thanks for the guide! now i wont look like as much of a noob when i go help someone kill it :)


you can tank the dude easily, it makes no big DPS punches. just run when it summons object and run + cure when you are hit by poison ward.


havent tried, you will probably lose them so may not be worth it.

* im almost always top 3 damage and i use exp bow.


Yah, most likely would why was just curious i still trying to collect the vanq weps but been slowly working my tamer as well as my provo archer lol, so be awhile before i get my tailsman


Yah, most likely would why was just curious i still trying to collect the vanq weps but been slowly working my tamer as well as my provo archer lol, so be awhile before i get my tailsman
do tmaps, dev + ing give you good chances on vanqs


Great guide - I prefer to move the daemon between corners. I find keeping in him in that room is more hassle - he often pus wards right outside or near the ankh that people use to res and you can get trapped in the room by others when you want to get out and avoid his AOE attack.

The biggest thing I look out for once he is lured to a corner is when he takes a step back just before spewing blood or sending flames - a group of dexxers CAN pin him in a corner if they work together but he still makes the odd move and wipes people out. This is the reason I prefer to keep him as far away from the ankh as possible. Nothing more annoying than going to res and try get back before he drops, then being hit by a ward spell!


Supposedly it's 4 to 6 hours.

Also, a word of advice to all people battling the demon: if you are in melee, have all melee combatants stand in the same tile, and he won't be able to jump away from you when he aggros on someone else. If you are NOT in melee, then stay the hell back! There's nothing worse than the dim-witted archer standing 2 tiles away, because when the demon spews blood, half the projectiles hit the archer but explode as well, killing damn near everyone in melee!


+1 for an awesome guide to killing that sucka! Only real hard part is waiting him out on the spawn rate! That part sucked!
But Thx Mess for the time putting guide together!!!


alone is it possible to kill him?
it would be great to see the video - how to kill this monster (how dangerous it)
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Arch Daemon is found in Wrong Dungeon - Lvl 3. It is possible to solo but will take a couple of hours, although your are not likely to find the spawn alone anymore. Once you have done the daemon a few times, you will work out the strategy pretty quick. Just watch what a lot of others do.
Supposedly it's 4 to 6 hours.

Who the hell has time to do that? Now I feel like I've wasted 30 vanquishing weapons and a fairly large chunk of time killing 100 mobs to make it to this point only to discover that who knows when I might find this thing actually spawned, and then what? Seems like a huge waste of time and energy.
Once you get the blood on to the stone is there anything else that is needed afterwards, or is the quest completed and the talisman is placed in your pack?