Best meta pets ?

Well of the staff would listen to my suggestions meta cats or dogs would be op.As over now they're basically all the same with a lil give or take on each preference.


Your options are basically:

Dragon + Steed
Spider + Crab
Dragon + 2 Crabs
Big Crab + Steed
5 Crabs

Spider is easy mode, you can set it at a champ and go to sleep. Tanky AF.
Dragon does phat DPS. Steed pairs with it awesomely, due to Paralytic.
Crabs are new and still being worked out (how best to run them, etc).

Fully leveled/rolled over dragon will run you like 14m+
A Spider will run you 90m +/-
Crab eggs are selling for like 7-8m (and dropping). Some of the relics take Powerscrolls, so 24m+etc, some are drops.
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Spider is 4 slots, yes.

When your dragon reaches level 7, it will continue gaining XP, and once finishing another level, it will "roll over", this gives it a new roll on it's stats, which you can accept or decline. It also lowers the taming required by .5. At max rolls, it will get down to 116 taming required, making it much easier to control. With 115 Taming/115 lore, you can control a max roll over dragon quite well. When they're not rolled over, they won't listen and you'll have to spam commands.


Oh OK so it's like extra levelling… thank you ! Is it like… twice over the exp you need to reach stage 7 ? That seems rather huge.


When you look at a meta stone, or screen shot of one, you'll see Stage 7/7 on the top left, and a number next to that. 120 = no roll overs. Each .5% lower is 1 roll over.