Get rich fast through MIBs, here is how!


@Biff - fish in deep waters, you'll pull up serpents which will have mibs. The higher your fishing, the higher the chance to pull them up - many fisherman will actually throw 3 fishers on a boat, to triple their chance, with one of them being able to kill the serpents and loot.


I run 2 anytime I'm playing. Tamer is on account 1 with 2 fisherman going, and I just tab over and loot :thumbsup:

Btw, also buying mibs at 2k per lol


I was using this method for quite a while, and I developed some tools for myself that I think might be useful for others.

First I created this website, where you can add your MIBS (LAT LNG) and it will give you the quadrant, so it's much faster for sorting the MIBs in the bags. In the end, it will give you the lines you have to add to your file, so you don't have to add each coordinate manually in UOAM.


Link to the website: MIBS Assistant

One thing to note is that I divided the map into 90 degrees slices like found here. This way felt a little more natural for me, even though some quadrants are divided.


This is how it will look in your UOAM:


If the colors are not the same or the quadrant number is not big enough you can adjust this directly in UOAM right-clicking the map, go to Labels, Filter, and then edit the Category you want with the desired color and font size.

I'm also attaching a personal.txt file which includes the dividers and the TMap locations. You want to copy the content of this file and add it to the end of your own in the UOAM directory.

For sorting the chests I start with a macro that gets all gems, nets, and regs to my backpack, then I drop gems to the gems bag, and regs to the regs chest at home. You can do this with multiple chests at once. Nets I usually hold at my backpack until I have 10+, then I drop all of them with a macro too. After removing this first part of the items I start with a macro that Id's the items. Keep items goes to keep chest at home, and sell items go to a bag in my backpack. When the bag is heavy I transfer it to my beetle, get a new bag, and continue. When you and your beetle are full, go sell. When get back run a macro to trash all bone armor, hatchet, etc. After you finish the items manually drop the gold from the chests to your gold chest at home, get any interesting wand, and finally, you can trash the chests with what's left inside (scrolls and Id wands usually).

If you do this with MIBS, you usually fish 3 chests and clear them at the same time, so you never stop. If you have lots of AMIBS or the MIBS are too close maybe you have to wait for a little with the boat.


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