Help with GM Healing


if you're gonna have healing, you have to have anatomy. I'm sure everyone recommends gm both, unless you're doing some odd ball template.


Please Help ! i stuck at Healing - 88.2 too !
2 characters Wrestling> and heal self = they stack on 88.2 Healing!!

copy from Razor :1 character skills
Anatomy 100 L
Evaluating Intel... 100 L
Magery 100 L
Tactics 100 L
Healing 88,2 U
Archery 86,5 U
Resisting Spells 80,8 U
Meditation 44,5 D

Stat 95\35\95 Help what's wrong ?:eek:
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You can have 3 accounts. Kill a guy on the third
yep, it would be great... but i have problem with creating 3 account ))) i wrote Shane - not respond yet :(
"in FAQ - problem with accounts need write to Carl (can't find him in IRC and Admin members on forum)"


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I've got the same problem. I'm stuck at 88.5. I sat at 88.4 for more than a week. Other skills are rising like little champs.