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General Information

Champion spawns are on a 3-4 hour timer that starts from when the champion was last killed. To activate a champion spawn, 4 players must be standing on or near the altar. If the champion spawn is ready to be activated and there are 4 players near the altar, everyone in the champion spawn region will get a warning notifying them that spawn will begin. 30 seconds after the warning, the champion spawn will start. Champion spawns will release waves of Monsters that will get harder as you progress through the spawn and eventually leading to the champion. As Monsters are killed, white candles will appear in the middle of the altar. After 4 white candles, they will disappear and a red candle will appear on the outer edge of the altar. There are 4 sides of a champion spawn altar. Each side represents a different level and there are 4 levels. Once you have red candles surrounding the altar and 4 white candles in the middle of the altar, the champion will spawn. If you kill Monsters too slowly or leave the area, the progress will reverse and candles will disappear.

Champion Spawn Rewards

  • 3 Power Scrolls (will appear in your backpack after the champion dies)
  • Chance of a clothing bless deed (will drop on the corpse of the champion)
  • A champion skull (will appear in your backpack after the champion dies)
  • Over 50,000 gold (will drop on the ground in the area of the champions death)
  • Title scroll: The Nibbler (The Corpse Devourer ONLY)
  • Meta Pet Relic
  • Consumable Perks

To be eligible for a prize, you must score at least 5000 points.

Reward Mechanics

Power Scrolls are awarded to players based on a weighted lottery system. Points are awarded according to the damage dealt by both the player and any controlled pets/summons. Direct melee damage is awarded the highest tier of points, while the damage done by pets and summons are the lowest tier. Ranged damage done by archers is only slightly penalized. Damage done to the champion itself is given a 2x bonus.

Given 4 players the lottery works as follows:

  • Player A receives 80/100 possible points and is granted an 80% chance of a scroll.
  • Player B has 10/100 would only have a 10% chance.
  • Player C has 9/100 would only have a 9% chance.
  • Player D has 1/100 would only have a 1% chance.

Champion Spawns

Barracoon - Skull of Greed

  • Location: Despise Level 2 (Far Northeast corner)
  • Slayer: Repond
  • Level 1: Slimes & Ratmen
  • Level 2: Rat archers & Dire Wolves
  • Level 3: Rat mages & Hell Hounds
  • Level 4: Silver Serpents, Titans, & Ogre Lords


  • When Barracoon hits players or pets he has a chance to turn them into a Ratman (will also flag you as criminal).
  • Casting spells or shooting Barracoon with arrows will also turn you into a Ratman (which will flag you as criminal). To avoid this, you should apply savage paint to your character, polymorph or incognito.
  • When Barracoon is hit with melee weapons, he has a chance to spawn ratmen, rat archers, and rat mages.
  • Baracoon also teleports to random people in his area so watch out!

Semidar - Skull of Pain

  • Location: Abyss (there is a red portal on top of the temple at Fire Temple)
  • Slayer: Exorcism
  • Level 1: Imps & Greater Mongbats
  • Level 2: Gargoyles & Harpies
  • Level 3: Stone Gargoyles & Scorched Gargoyles
  • Level 4: Deamons & Succubi


  • Semidar has an AoE life leech.
  • Semidar will do more damage to male characters than female.

Neira - Skull of Death

  • Location: Deceit level 3
  • Slayer: Silver
  • Level 1: Wraiths, Shades, Bogles & Ghouls
  • Level 2: Bone Mages, Skeletal Mages, & Mummies
  • Level 3: Bone Knights & Liches
  • Level 4: Lich Lords & Rotting Corpses


  • Neira throws bones at players when hit with weapons and spells.
  • Neira will spawn random undead when damaged.

Mephitis - Skull of Venom

  • Location: Terathan Keep
  • Slayer: Arachnid
  • Level 1: Scorpions & Spiders
  • Level 2: Terathan Drones & Terathan Warriors
  • Level 3: Dread Spiders & Terathan Matriarchs
  • Level 4: Poison Elementals & Terathan Avengers


  • Mephitis, the spider god, will pull random people to him with webs.

Rikktor - Skull of Power

  • Location: Destard level 1
  • Slayer: Reptile
  • Level 1: Giant Serpents & Lizardmen
  • Level 2: Lava Lizards & Ophidian Warriors
  • Level 3: Drakes & Ophidian Mages
  • Level 4: Dragons & Ophidian Avengers


  • Rikktor casts earthquake which is an AoE.

Lord Oaks - Skull of Enlightenment

Lord oaks.png
  • Location: Just outside of the dungeon Wrong
  • Slayer: Fey
  • Level 1: Pixies & Shadow Wisps
  • Level 2: Kirins & Wisps
  • Level 3: Unicorns & Centaurs
  • Level 4: Ethereal Warriors & Serpentine Dragons


  • After Lord Oaks is damaged, he will spawn his queen, Silvani. Silvani will heal Lord Oaks as well as significantly reduce the damage Lord Oaks takes.
  • Silvani will need to be killed before Lord Oaks but she will summon pixies on her attackers.
  • When damaging Lord Oaks, your health, mana, and stamina will be drained so it is best to kill him with a mage.

Corpse Devourer - Random champion skull

  • Location: Covetous Level 5 (far Southeast corner)
  • Slayer: Silver
  • Level 1: Wraiths, Shades, & Infernal Creepers
  • Level 2: Skeletal Mages & Damned Souls
  • Level 3: Skeletal Knights & Liches
  • Level 4: Lich Lords & Rotting Corpses


  • When the Corpse Devourer is poisoned, all damage he receives is converted to health. So, do NOT attack him while he is poisoned! Wait for him to cure himself or have someone cure him
  • If the Corpse Devourer kills you, he will eat your corpse, devouring all of your loot (minus blessed/newbied Items).
  • The Corpse Devourer will change his AI switching from magery to archery to melee as he loots players corpses.
  • Has several AoE abilities. One looks like a green cloud moving outward from him. If this cloud touches you, you will be paralyzed. Another AoE ability is a fire spell that also shoots outward from the champion.
  • One of his attacks creates an effect on your client which causes it to darken and makes various tombstones and symbols float across your game screen. Don't worry, your computer hasn't been hacked ;) The effect ends after a few seconds.

Osiredon - Random champion skull

  • Location: Middle of the sea! Approximately 64° 14'S, 128° 15'W.
  • Slayer: Elemental for Level 1, Reptile for Level 2 and 3
  • Level 1: Water Elementals & Deep Water Elementals
  • Level 2: Sea Serpents
  • Level 3: Crystal Sea Serpents
  • Level 4: Urchins and Isopods


  • Brave explorers are still gathering this information!

Gorde - Random champion skull

  • Location: Shame
  • Slayer: Elemental
  • Level 1: Scoprions & Earth Elementals
  • Level 2: Water Elementals
  • Level 3: Air Elementals
  • Level 4: Blood Elementals & Poison Elementals


  • Brave explorers are still gathering this information!

Gruumsh - Random champion skull

  • Location: Orc Cave
  • Slayer: Repond
  • Level 1: Orcs / Grey Orcs
  • Level 2: Orcish Brutes / Orcish Lord
  • Level 3: Orcish Bomber / Orc Mages
  • Level 4: Orcish Leader / Orc Brutes


  • Brave explorers are still gathering this information!
  • Gruumsh, Orcish Leader and Orc Brutes will summon more orcs if magic spells are cast on them - Best for mages to use Energy Vortexes against them.
  • Added in September 2017: Original Thread

Whats Next!?

The Harrower


After all 6 champions have been defeated and all of the champion skulls have been obtained players can spawn The Harrower! To spawn The Harrower, a player must take the 6 champion skulls to the Star Room and place them on the altar. After all 6 champion skulls are placed on the altar, The Harrower will spawn in a random dungeon on a random level.

True Harrower
When The Harrower is about to die, he will transform into his true form. Once The Harrower is in his true form, he will be unable to move. He will also spawn several Tentacles of the Harrower around him. These tentacles do an area AoE life leech that will heal themselves and The Harrower but they are easily taken out with archers. After all of the tentacles have been killed, The Harrower is vulnerable to attack! The Harrower will also pull in random people and attack them!
  • Location: Random dungeon
  • Slayer: None
  • Rewards From Killing The Harrower:
  • 6 Power Scrolls (appears in your backpack after The Harrower is killed)
  • Over 100,000 gold (drops on the ground after The Harrower is defeated)
  • Skull of Death
Star Room