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    Sallos users

    I have updated the Sallos map files to include all the existing cave houses. I have also included an update to being unable to see some booty dungeon bosses, and also miscellaneous monsters that I can't remember. This is the Bodyconv.def file. Thanks to @drasked I have included the fix for...
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    The thrill is gone ...

    Easy solution, steal the wand. That's what I would do.
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    Last Target

    Try casting an offensive spell since the healer isn't partied or friended so it won't be a beneficial target unless you click a heal on it. Is it possible you have other macros saved to the same button? Or accidentally scrolling your mouse wheel?
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    Remove Sigil Bonus

    That's been fixed for over a year and a half. There is a minimum requirement of animal lore before that sigil will work, it's much higher than 0.
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    Queue target

    Click the arrow beside 'Queued', it will drop down options for queued targets. Hope this helps.
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    Get rid of Explotion potions

    It's supposed to mean that just because you have 100 alchy and throw explode pots doesn't mean you auto-win every fight because of your template. I must admit I'm not surprised you missed that. It was also to show that pretty much any template is viable if you play it correctly. If explode pots...
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    Get rid of Explotion potions

    If you play your template to its strengths, while forcing your enemy to play into its weaknesses. Does that make more sense? Watch the video, I play to my templates strengths and win (eventually).
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    Get rid of Explotion potions

    I don't think explosion potions are OP, and I don't play an alchemist very often. I normally play templates no one else plays because I find it fun to kill people on unorthodox templates. PvP in this game is fun because any template can beat any other template, if played correctly. Here's a 1v2...
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    Client patch

    The newer client uses .uop which is the .mul files packed together. You can still add your mods, you just have to unpack the .uop into .mul files, edit them, then repack them. This thread describes how to do it:
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    Friday Night Fight Knights - JOUSTING (Archive - Old Post)

    In case you missed it, or if you want to relive the glory, I have uploaded the matches to the UOF youtube.
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    Sallos. Unable to see monsters
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    WTS User "Salt Life" is a scammer. Beware

    This has gotten pretty far out of hand. The OP has made their point, although from my perspective if it happened a year ago and you only noticed recently there isn't much we can do about it. For the record I was in voip with Shane when he placed the castle Salsa sold. I know for a fact Salsa...
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    Status Bar Malfunction?

    It's most likely from the talisman fix for Sallos. The file name is gumpartlegacy.uop, you could probably patch that file from the UOF launcher to fix it.
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    Sallos Fixes compiled

    For whatever reason the smooth boat movement doesn't work for Sallos, so you have to resynch your client to see the new position of the boat. The fix is just to prevent you from crashing when you see it.
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    The State of UOF (PKs and purple pots)

    You wanted my input. You have it. Now. Please. Just. Stop.