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Map.gif Treasure Maps show the location of where a Treasure Chest is buried. The maps require Cartography skill to decode at which point it will no longer say it is tattered but will display the location of the buried treasure chest. They can be obtained from various creatures as listed below.

A map may decoded by another person, but the person digging up the map must still have the minimum required Cartography skill for the level of treasure map. Mining skill helps, as high skill allows you to dig for the chest without being more than a tile away. To dig for a map, left click on the map and then click "Dig for Treasure" - This will allow you to remain mounted and escape swiftly if the going gets tough!

All treasure chests are trapped and Remove Trap skill will take care of it, but the skill is not required as many players simply cast Telekinesis on the chest to trigger the trap from a safe distance of five or more steps away.

A high skill level in Lockpicking is useful as it vastly reduces the number of lockpick attempts required to open a chest.

Mining skill is not required to dig up a treasure chest. However, the higher a character's Mining skill, the further away from the exact spot they can be when attempting to dig up the chest. With no Mining skill, the digger must be directly on the correct spot where the chest is buried. See Cartography

As well as gold, weapons, reagents and gems, treasure map chests also have a chance to contain an RDA Fragment. The higher the map, the greater the chance. Note that these portal fragments share the same graphic ID as star sapphires but have a different hue (1161).

In combination with a rune library of treasure map locations, this map will help you find the hidden treasures!

Loot & Spawns

Level Title Cartography Skill Lockpicking Skill Gold Magic Items Spawned Monsters
1 Plainly 0 52 1000-1500 6 Headless One, Mongbat, Ratman, Skeleton, Zombie
2 Expertly 41 72 2000 12 Earth Elemental, Gazer, Gargoyle, Hell Hound, Orc Mage
3 Adeptly 51 84 3000 18 Air Elemental, Dread Spider, Fire Elemental, Lich, Ogre Lord
4 Cleverly 61 92 4000 24 Elder Gazer, Daemon, Dread Spider, Lich Lord, Ogre Lord
5 Deviously 70 95 5000 30 Blood Elemental, Elder Gazer, Daemon, Lich Lord, Poison Elemental
6 Ingeniously 70 95 6000 36 Ancient Wyrm, Balron, Blood Elemental, Greater Dragon, Poison Elemental, Titan
7 Insidiously ? ? ? ? ?

Note: Level 7 Treasure maps can only be obtained from Monster Contracts


There are several items available to help regular treasure map hunters collect and sort through their map collection.

TMap Book

A blessed book that holds up to 32 treasure maps, deciphered or not. If they are deciphered, a view option will appear for the map. You will have to remove the map from the book to dig up the treasure. Being blessed, this is a convenient item for anyone to have to safely store the treasure maps you collect while killing monster. The book is available for 100,000 gold pieces from the Sascha the Unique Wares Vendor just west of West Britain Bank

Map Storage Cabinet

Stores undecoded treasure maps and keeps track of completed ones as well. 125 of each map level can be stored. The cabinet can be purchased for 300,000 gold pieces from Sascha the Unique Wares Vendor.

Davies' Locker

This giant locker can hold up to 500 treasure maps and MIB's. They are all mapped out in a decorative table that can placed in your house. A real time saver for organization of big collections of MIBs and maps! The locker can be bought for 10,000 Donation Coins from Nadine the Exotic Item Donation Vendor just in front of West Britain Bank.