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Ship Repair Kits were added in the Naval Warfare Reborn expansion. They are crafted with Tinkering using Ingots. They are used to repair Ships when they have taken damage. Ships take damage from enemy vessels when fired upon by Cannons. Your ship will begin to catch fire which ticks and causes damage over time. If you do not repair your Ship, it will eventually get sunk by continued damage. The Ship Repair Kits allow you to repair said damage. Using a Ship Repair Kit on the Ship will begin to repair it. Any character movement will interrupt the process. These repair kits have uses, so interrupting the process could be costly.


You can repair your ship by double clicking the Ship Repair Kit. You will be presented with a target reticle. Targeting any area of the Ship will bring up a gump displaying each area of the ships health. There is the Hull, Mast and left and right Cannons. The percentage of health remaining will be displayed. Clicking one of the icons will begin to repair the Ship.

Character movement will interrupt the repairing process and consume a charge on the Ship Repair Kit. The ship will slowly repair until you have moved or the ship has been repaired. Ships cannot be docked unless at 100% health, so it is wise to carry one on a ship at all times.


There are two types of Ship Repair Kits that can be used on a ship.

Ship Repair Kit: Repairs 1% Damage per Second
Superb Repair Kit: Repairs 2% Damage per Second


Repair Kit Materials Skill Required
Ship Repair Kit 100 Ingots 85.0 Tinkering
Superb Repair Kit 400 Ingots 105.0 Tinkering

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