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Ships have been in Ultima Online Forever since it's launch but in the most recent Naval Warfare Reborn expansion, they have been heavily rehauled and new content was added. Ships can be purchased from Shipwrights and Galleons can be crafted with the Carpentry skill. Ships are used on water to sail across the ocean. They are commonly used by players proficient in Fishing, by Treasure Hunters doing Message in a Bottle, by explorers finding new lands and by those wishing to engage in battles over Whirlpools.

Ship deeds and Dry-docked ships are blessed. This is due to the very high cost of the boats. This means that upon dying, your Ship will remain in your inventory. They also cannot be controlled by other players without your specific permission. The permissions menu, as well as other useful Ship information and controls can be accessed by double clicking on the "Tillerman".

Old Commands

Forward: Travel Forward.
Forward Left: Travel in a Forward Left direction.
Forward Right: Travel in a Forward Right direction.
Back/Backward: Travel backwards.
Right: Travel to the right without turning the ship.
Left: Travel to the left without turning the ship.
Turn Left: Turn the ship to the left.
Turn Right: Turn the ship to the right.
Raise Anchor: Raise the anchor, allowing the ship to begin movement.
Drop Anchor: Lower the anchor, to prevent movement commands from activating.
Turn About: Flips the nose of the ship around to face the other direction.

New Commands

Embark: Speaking embark near a vessel your are a captain, officer or deckhand of will cause you to be transported to a random location on the deck. This only works if you are not currently on a ship. The closest vessel to you is always chosen first. This command can also be accessed through the new vessel gump. Followers will be moved to the ship along with you.
Disembark: Speaking disembark while on a vessel will allow you to leave your current vessel. After speaking disembark, an aiming reticule will appear on your screen. You can then target land near you. This will move you off the boat and to your specified location. This transports followers off of ships as well.
Fire Left/Fire Port: Fires a cannon volley from the port-side cannons. This is a criminal action if innocent creatures or humans are hit with the resulting cannon fire.
Fire Right/Fire Starboard: Fires a cannon volley from the starboard-side cannons. This is a criminal action if innocent creatures or humans are hit with the resulting cannon fire.
Deploy the Cannons: This will deploy all retracted cannons. Deployed cannons are vulnerable to enemy fire. However, cannons must be deployed in order for them to shoot at the enemy.
Retract the Cannons: This will deploy all retracted cannons. Retracted cannons are immune to enemy cannon fire but cannot fire until deployed.
Take the Helm: Allows you to steer your vessel with your mouse. This is only usable by unmounted characters.
Leave the Helm: Relinquish control of the helm and revert back to normal boat command steering.
Scan The Horizons: Opens a map that reveals enemy ships as a red dot. Tracking increases this range as well as the Crow's Nest Ship Upgrade

Ship Combat

Battling Ships has become more interesting with the introduction of Cannons firing Cannon Balls. You can load the Cannons and fire Cannon Balls at enemy vessels using the "Fire Left" or "Fire Right" commands. See Ship Commands for details. Firing on another vessel that has innocent players on it will flag each person on your boat criminal regardless of who issued the fire command.

Ship combat gets even more interesting through the use of items such as Ship Repair Kits, Special Fishing Nets and Grappling Hooks and the upgrades that can be added to your ship. See Ship Upgrades

Repairing Ships

When a ship has taken fire from another vessel, it becomes damaged. Enough damage will cause your ship to catch fire and will do continuous damage to those around it. Using a Ship Repair Kit can repair that damage. See Ship Repair Kits for details.

Sunken Ships

Ships can be sunk if they've taken enough damage from enemy vessels. When a ship is sunk, it takes a few moments to sink to the bottom of the water and once it has reached that point, all players and creatures on board are killed. Dead players will be teleported to the nearest land mass. Any items on your corpses can be looted at the location where the ship sank and all the items in your hold fall into a retrievable chest in the water.

Note that when your ship is sunk, it will be placed in your bank and may be replaced in the water at full health. Any loot in your hold will be gone and any Cannon Balls in your cannons will be lost.

You may not dock your boat when it is damaged.

Ship Upgrades

Upgrade Description
Crow's Nest Increases the range of your "Scan The Horizons" command. See Ship Commands
Experience Boost Increases the experience gained from killing Creatures, Players and other Ships.
Improved Munitions Increases damage done to other Ships.
Chain Shot Increases damage done to Monsters and Players.
Fishing Trawler Increases chances to find rare items in Whirlpools.
Improved Cannons Increases Cannon Accuracy when fired.
Superb Sails Gives a boost of speed when using the "Full speed ahead" command. See Ship Commands


Name Hull Durability Cannon Durability Sails Durability Cannon Volley Cooldown Number of Cannons
Small Ship 700 400 400 5 Seconds 8 Light Cannons
Small Dragon Ship 950 500 950 5 Seconds 8 Light Cannons
Medium Ship 1000 625 1000 8 Seconds 12 Light Cannons
Medium Dragon Ship 1250 725 1250 8 Seconds 12 Light Cannons
Large Ship 1400 750 1400 11 Seconds 16 Light Cannons
Large Dragon Ship 1550 850 1550 11 Seconds 16 Light Cannons
Small Ship Small Dragon Ship Medium Ship Medium Dragon Ship Large Ship Large Dragon Ship
Small ship.png Small dragon ship.png Medium ship.png Medium dragon ship.png Large ship.png Large dragon ship.png


Name Hull Durability Cannon Durability Sails Durability Cannon Volley Cooldown Number of Cannons
Tokuno Galleon 1500 1125 1500 15 Seconds 10 Heavy Cannons
Orc Galleon 1900 1425 1900 25 Seconds 16 Heavy Cannons
Gargoyle Galleon 2300 725 2300 35 Seconds 18 Heavy Cannons
Britain Galleon 2700 2025 2700 50 Seconds 26 Heavy Cannons
Tokuno Galleon Orc Galleon Gargoyle Galleon Britain Galleon
104px-TokunoGalleon.png 95px-OrcishGalleon.png 74px-GargishGalleon.png 108px-Britannian ship.png

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