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Ship Upgrades are scrolls that are crafted by various different crafting skills depending on their purpose. They can be used on a Ship to upgrade it or give it passive bonuses. These upgrades are dropped when the ship is destroyed and the enemy vessel can retrieve them from your hull. Ship Upgrades were introduced with the Naval Warfare Reborn expansion.


Upgrade Description
Crow's Nest Increases the range of your "Scan The Horizons" command. See Ship Commands
Experience Boost Increases the experience gained from killing Creatures, Players and other Ships.
Improved Munitions Increases damage done to other Ships.
Chain Shot Increases damage done to Monsters and Players.
Fishing Trawler Increases chances to find rare items in Whirlpools.
Improved Cannons Increases Cannon Accuracy when fired.
Superb Sails Gives a boost of speed when using the "Full speed ahead" command. See Ship Commands


Upgrade Materials Skill Required
Crow's Nest 2000 Logs 85.0 Carpentry
Experience Boost 2000 Logs 85.0 Carpentry
Improved Munitions 1000 Ingots 85.0 Blacksmithing
Chain Shot 1000 Ingots 85.0 Blacksmithing
Fishing Trawler 1000 Ingots 85.0 Tinkering
Improved Cannons 1000 Ingots 85.0 Tinkering
Superb Sails 2000 Cloth 105.0 Tailoring

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